Negotiating Committee and Bargaining Committee

The negotiating committee consists of the president and one elected representative from each component.* It shall decide the number of members who will form the bargaining committee. The spokesperson of the bargaining committee shall be elected or appointed by the negotiating committee. The bargaining committee will act only as spokesperson for the negotiating committee as a whole. The president is automatically a member of the bargaining committee, and may attend any or all meetings as required.

By collecting information from the membership the negotiating committee is able to put together bargaining proposals for local bargaining (non-monetary issues) as well as provincial bargaining. Our president is a representative on the provincial bargaining committee.

The negotiating committee with the executive board are solely responsible for the policy of any strike action or action on lock-out required during the bargaining process. When the contract is signed the negotiating committee will be dissolved by the membership.

Current Committee:

  Fred Schmidt - Chair

  - Trades
  - Non- Trades
   - C2s 
   - C1s

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