Emergency Sick Leave Fund

The emergency sick leave fund is a benefit provided by your union through member contributions.

If you are a member who has completed the regular employee probationary period you are eligible to receive assistance from the union's emergency sick bank. This fund is maintained through contributions from each of our regular members at a rate of one sick day per year. The fund is intended to assist members who have no sick time. It is the responsibility of a member to notify an executive officer that they wish to access the the emergency sick bank. A member must produce a note from a qualified medical practitioner to be eligible for Emergency Sick Leave. Additionally, they must also notify the executive officer when returning to work.
Provided sufficient days are on credit in the sick bank you are entitled from your seniority date:  first to fifth year  5 days,  sixth to tenth year 15 days, the eleventh to fifteenth year 30 days, the sixteenth to twentieth year 50 days, and the twenty-first year 70 days. The first ten days will be at 60% of your wages with subsequent days at 100%.
Your request for emergency sick leave cannot exceed 70 days for any one illness.

Each member’s application is dealt with individually in accordance with section 15 of the CUPE 382 bylaws

If you need this union benefit contact executive member Jim Petruzzelli by email at jpetruzzelli@sd61.bc.ca or phone 250-386-8367

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